Dr Amitkumar V. Maheshwari is a well known Medical Biochemistry Specialist in the region of Kutch-Gujarat, with a robust 9/10 years of experience in the said field. At present he is working as an Associate Professor in the Department of Biochemistry at GAIMS-Bhuj. He is conferred with a plethora of qualifications like; MBBS, MD(Biochemistry), CIH, PGDHHM, PGDQMHHO and is currently pursuing his PhD in Medical Biochemistry.

Dr Maheshwari started his medical career in the year 2004, when he joined M.P Shah Medical College-Jamnagar, for his MBBS studies and successfully completed the same in 2009. Owing to his interest in the field of Medical Biochemistry, he opted for the samesubject for his post graduate studies and completed them in the year 2014 from Government Medical College-Bhavnagar. Since teaching has always been a passion for him, Dr Maheshwari after his post graduation ventured into a Teaching post as an Assistant professor in the Department of Biochemistry in GAIMS-Bhuj. There with his enthusiasm and zeal he has helped the department flourish in excellence in various aspects. He is well respected and loved by his students, colleagues and seniors. Over the years, his thirst for perfection and progression, has bestowed him the title of Associate Professor.

Dr Maheshwari’s sincerity and hard work has crowned him with many accolades and achievements like; Being the only Certified NABL Auditor and NABH and NQAS Assessor in the region of Kutch, Establishing the Genetic Lab in GAIMS-Bhuj, Pioneering DMLT course and E-Learning courses in Biochemistry in GAIMS-Bhuj, and Developing, Assessing and Maintaining Quality Control and Infection Control rules and protocols for GAIMS-Bhuj. He has published many scholarly articles in various highly indexed journals, given presentations at various conferences and is also a member of well renowned Medical Associations both at National and International grounds.

His vision is to strive to impart knowledge to all who seek, and this website is its outcome. Through this website he wants to reach to the masses far and near and help them in their quest for understanding the Medical Biochemistry Basics. This platform envisages to encompass MBBS, MD, DMLT, B.Sc, M.Sc students and even the common public, should they been keen. He has also started a youtube channel named ‘BIOCHEMISTRY BASICS BY DR AMIT’, with the same aim. He urges and requests everyone to be a part of his journey by sharing this useful information to all.